Thumb Tied partners with People Against Distracted Driving

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Tucknologies and PNP Technology are excited to announce the partnership of our Android Application "Thumb Tied" with People Against Distracted Driving (PADD).


From a tragedy, where Mike Kellenyi lost his lovely daughter Nikki, comes a strength of conviction and a message that resonates with us all. We are proud to be a part of their mission and provide a product that will hopefully save lives.

Nikki’s Foundation to End Distracted Driving was founded in 2012, in memory of Nikki Kellenyi, a beloved Washington Township high school senior who died at the age of 18.

Our foundation strives to eliminate needless distracted driving by:

  • Offering education to drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.
  • Supporting those who have lost loved ones at the hand of a distracted driver.
  • Partnering with local, state and federal governments to promote the passage of legislation making it a criminal offense to drive while distracted.
  • Installing "Don't Text And Drive" signs and "Don't Drive Distracted signs on roads, in schools, businesses and billboards in an effort to keep reminding everyone to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  • Helping victims of distracted driving, both financially with grants and emotionally with support.          


In the time since, Mike and PADD have been responsible for legislation in his native state of New Jersey.

The bill, designated "Nikki's Law", is named after Nikki Kellenyi, an 18-year old National Honor Society for Business student and champion equestrian from Washington Township, NJ who tragically died in an automobile accident in 2012.

"The typical text message takes 4.6 seconds - that would be the equivalent of driving a car blind at 55 mph the entire length of a football field," said Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), who chairs the Assembly Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities. "A quick look away while driving may seem minor, but it can be fatal. This bill honors Nikki's memory and will hopefully help save others by reminding drivers that current state law prohibits texting while driving."



Mike has been a tireless advocate against Distracted Driving and we are honored to call him a friend. He uses Thumb Tied and encourages us to develop a version for iPhone (hopefully soon) and we reciprocate by spreading the word about his organization.

Please help Tucknologies, PNP Technology and Mike Kellenyi grow PADD and spread the word. Hopefully together, with you, we can all save lives!



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