Announcing: Tucknologies to partner with Mokasoft

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Tucknologies LLC is proud to announce a partnership with Mokasoft to produce an iPhone and Android application of Mokasoft's design.


Tucknologies will be doing the software development for both the Android and iOS systems, based on Mokasoft's criteria. We are looking at launching right before Christmas 2013, so look for announcements in the coming months!


What is it?

Well, we can't really say at this point. It's an application that will very helpful and make work a lot more efficient for someone using the app. We'll be revealing more about the application as we move through the process.



Have an idea for a mobile application?

Tucknologies is always looking to produce new applications. If you have an idea, and don't know where to go, a good place is starting with a consultation. We have a booking feature on this webpage, simply look for the tab "Contact" on the lower right hand side of your page. Click on it, and enter in your message and schedule a time to talk to us.

Who knows, yours might be the next project we work on!

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