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What you should do for designing your website is a very important decision for your organization, or you as an individual. You’ve seen in our previous blog of what not to do, but what should you do? Well you have to begin with the end user in mind. This isn’t what you want, it’s what your customer, or audience wants. They are spending their time on you, which in today’s world time truly is money.

So what is there that makes it worth their time?

International Heat-Seeking Web DesignDo you have anything that you use in talking with potential clients or use in promotions or advertising that work?

Those things are the two first considerations. Because getting someone to your site is like they walked through your door. You have to provide them with a unique value proposition, or simply put “reason for using.”Designing a website should take into consideration what customers and users want from you, and going from there.


01If the customer wants to have an easy way to ask questions, then you should plan on having some kind of immediate contact software or service provider.

02If the customer wants to read reviews that are un-biased then you have to either have commenting software enabled or some tie-in with another web-based service.

03If the customer wants to order products and pay for them, then you have to have a fully integrated shopping cart, ordering software, payment resolution and fulfillment.

04If the customer wants to see/hear some media of your product, then you’ll have to consider using video and content presentation software for the website.

05If you want a customer to buy or take action, then ask them for it.

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All of these things happen because your users desire them. Being a firm that provides worth to your potential customers will ensure that they consider you worthy of their business. It all starts from the customer, and goes from there. Because in the end, a website can be as pretty and functional as the most cutting edge solution out there but if users don’t use it it’s worthless.

As important as the users is the communication technology that leads them to it. That’s the website code, search engines and advertising. The site has to be constructed knowing you want to tie in the social network, support sales with the content, and support marketing with being able to track the behavior of your users.

For example, Flash or graphic-only websites look great to a person but don’t tell the computers how relevant it may be. Remember, seeing is believing. What a search program “sees” is a lot different than a person. If it doesn’t have any relevancy on your site to bring back to their user…you lose the traffic.

Sites need to have good information, and be of value for both a search engine and for an end user. The integration of all of these techniques informs building a successful website. Because it’s not only the design, it’s what gets it there in the first place.

Bottom Line

Trusting your web development firm is essential in ensuring that what you really want-the user to have a great experience and the site to generate revenue-actually happens. That can only be done if the firm you decide on relies on a user-centered approach.

If you’d like more information on web design, pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be available for questions or a consultation. And, stay tuned as we will be publishing more blogs on this topic across our network.

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