$20,000 a month with online payment processing

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Your accountant always talks about ROI (Return on Investment). Your marketing guy always talks about converting leads to sales. Your sales guy always talks about making it easier for your customers to pay you. But how do you turn talk into action? 


You turn this talk into action by creating efficient, modern ,and secure online payment gateways for clients. A number of Tucknologies' clients have already taken advantage of lower payment processing rates, convenient interfaces for their employees, and modern & easy to use forms for customers...even on mobile.

This easy system has made one of our clients over $20,000 this month alone.


And, not only have they discovered a new revenue stream, but they have saved themselves hundreds of dollars in cost! (That makes the accountant, marketer, and salesman happy). Before the online payment gateway was developed and implemented, sales were lower and more inconsistent. Sales are up. New revenue streams are created. Transaction costs are lower...both for the merchant AND for the customer.

Need a new Point of Sale? Impress clients, and save yourself time and money with POS solutions. We have partnered with BluePay, an INC Top 500 company and together we can bring you solutions that even include POS systems that are the height of cool: Tablet processing with secure WiFi connections that free up your staff (and space) from the counter.

We're very excited that we're able to help businesses make more money in places they never thought possible. And, they are helping their customers out by giving them something that is more convenient for them. It's a win-win-win!

Get your win-win-win today. Contact Tucknologies and ask about our payment processing systems. And who knows, maybe you'll "find" another $20,000 a month revenue stream, while saving hundreds in costs per month too!



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