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Craig Tucker

Tucknologies was created by Craig M. Tucker, who has spend two decades working with media technology. As a producer, director, and developer; Mr. Tucker has had extensive experience in building what works...and what engages. Products and processes that have achieved great success:

  • A TV station who had been languishing in seemingly perpetual #2 status to the legacy broadcaster in town, implemented a comprehensive internet, marketing and promotions plan. Within a year, they were #1 in ratings AND in revenue...and picked up their first station of the year. They did it while cutting the budget 60-80%.
  • A medical group had a problem engaging users and bringing in new clients. After utilizing the custom plan that was created for them, they saw immediate increase in business. Their first month after implementation saw a few hundred percent increase in booked appointments.
  • A medical department at one of the largest universities in the world, implemented a SEO plan that saw them increase 44% from the year before.
  • Video produced for Nelly Furtado debuted #1 on MTV's Total Request Live
  • 6 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards 2007, 2008, 2009


He specializes in media technology management with a Master's Degree in Telecommunications, Information Sciences & Media at Michigan State University.

Eric Ravnikar

Eric’s unique abilities in logistics, operations management, and program management make him a great fit as the Operations Manager here at Tucknologies.

He had served in the U.S. Army Air Cavalry as a Crew Chief, where he managed multiple programs and the logistics of his combat unit. Eric had also worked for JPMorgan Chase as an Operations Specialist, where he developed procedures and guidelines for their VA Home Lending Program. Additionally, he was responsible for analyzing production and ensuring the entire workload for his site was completed each day.

Eric’s educational specializations include Logistics and Aeronautical Science at the U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School, Aerospace Technology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Economics and Business Management at Michigan State University. 

Bryan Novak


Bryan’s unique blend of skills makes him a perfect fit for your project. Expert in web technologies and holding a degree in Web Development (minor in Computer Sciences) from The University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point, Bryan has the experience to meet your development goals. Bryan also has a Master’s Degree in Serious Game Design from Michigan State University and has created and contributed to many projects, including revolutionary applications made with game engines.

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