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Software and Web Development




We are always riding the knife's edge in terms of technology, including developing some innovative software solutions:

  • A retail solution that will prevent shopper paralysis, which sees customers abandon 70% of shopping carts
  • An adaptive logic solution, that allows for programs to learn in real-time and will respond automatically
  • An augmented-reality system, that retailers can use to increase sales and loyalty in-store.
  • A revolutionary e-commerce solution, one that will change how people shop. Catalogs haven't changed for 125 years...we thought it would be about time it did.
  • A paradigm-shifting media economic engine, that just might solve the "problem" of piracy.


Tucknologies can be YOUR partner when it comes to implementing technology into your business. We're a good firm to have on your side. 








We are your consultants for all things technical:

  • Information Architecture-Make sure that the technologies you want will work best for you.
  • GUI creation-Need a new user interface for your software or website? We can create a custom solution for you.
  • UX experts-We've helped many organizations.
  • Network Systems Optimization-Making sure that your technology works for you, not against you.
  • Analytics-We are certified to audit, setup, and administer analytics to provide insights into how your users use your site.
  • New software development-Do you have an idea that will give you a competitive advantage? We can make that happen.
  • Mobile Apps-Reach your customers where they are...when they want to.

Our consultants have the mind-power of advanced technical degrees, coupled with the experience in the field that doesn't come from a book. We've done work on accounting software, scientific data representation, mobile app development, and engineering custom software analog-to-digital solutions for retail.


 Get started today call 1-855-932-9499


Let us work for you!



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