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Search Engine Optimization is a scary phrase for many of us. SEO (for short) is something that most people don’t know much about, but it is still essential for any website. So what is it? It’s preparing your site in the best possible manner so that a search engine (cue the Google) can get the most relevancy of your content…to the person searching for it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your users will be humans, not computers…so to be the most effective you have to present content that is relevant to humans…not necessarily to computers. While it is essential to make sure that the search engine’s spiders pick up on your site, you ultimately want to reach your human readers.  Because as of now…computers don’t have bank accounts and don’t purchase goods!


SEO is part of the whole package


You put effort into carefully designing the look of your website to be appealing to your users, and SEO should be no different. Your users need to be your first priority in order for your site to get repeat visitors. Repeat visitors, in turn, equal repeat customers. A good SEO campaign is tuned into what people are searching for…the phrasing they use and the combinations that work the best. This will ensure that you will have quality site visits rather than just quantity. 


Search engines create algorithms that help determine what comes up on any given search. This prompts some to try and ‘trick’ the algorithms so that their website will appear in more searches. This seems great, however these algorithms are frequently changing so the high rankings will only be short lived. It is most important to ensure that your website has enough keywords that it will show up in related searches, but also be sure that the copy is user friendly.

In the end, a search engine like Google’s success is delivering to their users what they want. That means more relevant and healthy pages/sites get higher rankings.


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