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The Analytics Audit is designed for websites and mobile apps that are already running Google Analytics, and you want a comprehensive review and analysis of how you are doing and what you can be doing better. This package includes the Consulting plus the Set Up packages, where applicable. The additional features for this package include:

  • Marketing campaign tracking – Support for email marketing, Paid Search Advertising, and other channels
  • Ecommerce code review
  • Code snippets: Event and custom variable implementation
  • Sub-domain and cross-domain issues.
  • Redirects.  (Redirects may be conflicting with tracking parameters)
  • Query string cleanup.  Strip out unnecessary text from your URLs.
  • Ecommerce tracking. This ensures all information is being populated with the right product and order details.
  • Campaign tracking.  Ensure that all marketing is tagged properly so you have accurate data on your marketing ROI.
  • Filters and profiles.  Used improperly, filters and profiles can give you an incomplete or, worse, inaccurate view of the data.
  • Goals and funnels.  Make sure you’re accurately tracking important site milestones.
  • Tucknologies Basic Support



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