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Ever get angry at a driver for weaving all over the road like a drunk, only to find out that they are just merely trying to text message someone or checking an email? We do too. Every 23 seconds someone dies due to distracted driving, and most of the time that's because of a text message.

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Well we're not going to be giving up our text messaging anytime what would be a solution?

A few months ago, PNP Technologies (a part of PNP Engineering) came to us with an idea to do something about the problem. Our ideas came together, and we created an application called "Thumb Tied" which inhibits your use of text and email messaging while you drive!

How does it stop texting while driving?

The application "shuts out" your phone to only the most important features--like calling 911 or using the phone hands-free. The screen will darken with a graphic that shows you it is enabled and working. Once you get driving Thumb Tied senses your speed and at a certain MPH it cuts off your access, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: Driving!

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If you have younger drivers, employees, or people you supervise their is an option for you to pair your phone with other phones, allowing you to set a schedule of when the app is working (like during a school or work day). The app also gives you a report about any violations of the texting policy--say if someone tries to uninstall the app or creates a work-around. 

We're proud to announce that this application is in the Google Play Store and you can follow the link to get it.


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