Four reasons to choose Tucknologies

 Four Reasons why you may need Tucknologies to handle your Technologies:

01UZoom MediaSoftware and Web Development: We do software, web design and development with PHP, Javascript, C , Perl, Ruby, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CSS3, HTML5, Graphic User Interface (GUI), User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA), Mobile Apps, and Games. Responsive websites? Yeah we got that. Everything we do, we do with an eye towards the future of your site. And, most importantly, with both eyes on creating new revenue streams. Our clients love our services...and...if you need help with your current website check out our Support and Maintenance.


02Mobile App DevelopmentTech as a Revenue Stream: Being in business these days means being on top of Tech. Well Tucknologies is on top of tech. We have consulted for a wide range of businesses, from successful small businesses to large media conglomerates. These days, we're presented with a lot of options and a lot of things to think about. HTTPS? HTML 5? CSS3? Cloud? SAAS? BYOD? PCI? Clear up the confusion with IT Consulting from Tucknologies. Do you need analysis of your data? Tucknologies can take a look at your current traffic and leverage it for you with our Analytics and Data Analysis. We specialize in creating plans that will help you win!


03Mobile Apps: Tucknologies' staff has created mobile applications in iOS (Apple) and in Android (Google).

We have  created "Thumb Tied" an anti-distracted driving application (2013); "Sentencing Authority" for Mokasoft which aids prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys (2014); and "MSU Museum" for the MSU Museum (pictured, 2012) Check out our mobile app page...


04Customer Service: Our firm is built on customers service. If you are tired of not getting an answer from your developer, or having to wait months or years after the initial deadline, you need to switch to Tucknologies. We take customer service seriously, and our customers are happy with their results.

Tucknologies Supports the following Software:

.          ActionScript
·          Ajax
·          Amazon
·          Animation
·          Apache
·          Augmented Reality
·          CakePHP
·          Chrome OS
·          Cloud
·          CMS
·          Cocoa
·          Code Igniter
·          Cold Fusion
·          Computer Graphic
·          Concept Design
·          Corporate Identity
·          CSS
·          CSS3
·          Data Admin
·          DNS
·          Drupal
·          e-Commerce
·          e-learning
·          Embedded Software
·          Face Recognition
·          Facebook
·          Firefox
·          Format & Layout
·          Forum Software
·          Game Design
·          Gameification
·          Geospatial
·          Google Chrome
·          Google Sketch Up
·          Graphic Design
·          HTML
·          HTML 5
·          Icon Design
·          Infographics
·          J2EE
·          Java

·          Javascript
·          Joomla
·          Jquery
·          JSP 
·          Linux
·          Mac OS
·          Magento
·          Maya
·          Microsoft Access
·          Motion Graphics
·          MVC
·          MySql
·          Objective C
·          Objective J
·          Open GL
·          Pay Pal API
·          Perl
·          Photoshop Coding
·          PHP
·          Ruby on Rails
·          SAP
·          SEO
·          Shopping Carts
·          Silverlight
·          Social Engine
·          Social Networking
·          Software architect
·          Software testing
·          SQL
·          Symphony PHP
·          System Admin
·          Twitter
·          Typography
·          UMC Design
·          Unity 3D
·          User Interface
·          vBulletin
·          Virtuemart
·          Web scraping
·          Website mgmt
·          Windows (All)
·          Word  
·          Word Press
·          XML
·          YouTube
·          Zend



Our software development takes a different approach than most. While we practice the most accepted best practices, we are also flexible enough to develop solutions that are amendable. Scale-able.

Because no one likes things that break when bent. 




Tucknologies specializes in the User Experience and Information Architecture. Computers are an integral part of the business environment. They are critical to your business success. Whether you seek a fix to a problem in your workflow, or a brand-new Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution, we are the firm you seek.

Software is made to do work for us, and it only works when the right team is involved in its creation. Tucknologies has experience developing many different forms of software. We've produced mobile software, web software, video and audio software, server software...

If you have a project that you want to produce, we're your source for code. Development and coding is increasingly an important part of business for the 21st Century. There isn't much today that isn't programmed. Contact Tucknologies today to get started!

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A Foundry Enterprise Website Package was just the start as we created a custom drag-and-drop presentation builder for The Wealth & Wisdom Institute

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