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This past weekend, the Lansing State Journal ran an article in their business section about entrepreneurs taking their companies to the next level. And, what do you know? It featured Brian Town of our partner Michigan Creative and our own Craig Tucker (CEO of Tucknologies) talking about how they are able to move from start up to sustained business and discussed some of the projects we're working on...including The Foundry Web Program. The Foundry Web Program is a partnership between Michigan Creative and Tucknologies that creates affordable, professional websites that are launched in 30 days.

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Announcing the Foundry Web Program

Tucknologies and Michigan Creative teamed up to create a new web product called "The Foundry." The foundry is an affordable web design program designed to help your business’ website. 

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Tucknologies featured on WLNS for making Thumb Tied

Recently we were interviewed by WLNS' Sharon Yoo for "Distracted Driving Month." They wanted to know about our application, "Thumb Tied."

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Four reasons to choose Tucknologies

 Four Reasons why you may need Tucknologies to handle your Technologies:

01UZoom MediaSoftware and Web Development: We do software, web design and development with PHP, Javascript, C , Perl, Ruby, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CSS3, HTML5, Graphic User Interface (GUI), User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA), Mobile Apps, and Games. Responsive websites? Yeah we got that. Everything we do, we do with an eye towards the future of your site. And, most importantly, with both eyes on creating new revenue streams. Our clients love our services...and...if you need help with your current website check out our Support and Maintenance.


02Mobile App DevelopmentTech as a Revenue Stream: Being in business these days means being on top of Tech. Well Tucknologies is on top of tech. We have consulted for a wide range of businesses, from successful small businesses to large media conglomerates. These days, we're presented with a lot of options and a lot of things to think about. HTTPS? HTML 5? CSS3? Cloud? SAAS? BYOD? PCI? Clear up the confusion with IT Consulting from Tucknologies. Do you need analysis of your data? Tucknologies can take a look at your current traffic and leverage it for you with our Analytics and Data Analysis. We specialize in creating plans that will help you win!


03Mobile Apps: Tucknologies' staff has created mobile applications in iOS (Apple) and in Android (Google).

We have  created "Thumb Tied" an anti-distracted driving application (2013); "Sentencing Authority" for Mokasoft which aids prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys (2014); and "MSU Museum" for the MSU Museum (pictured, 2012) Check out our mobile app page...


04Customer Service: Our firm is built on customers service. If you are tired of not getting an answer from your developer, or having to wait months or years after the initial deadline, you need to switch to Tucknologies. We take customer service seriously, and our customers are happy with their results.

Veloce Grand Opening

On Sunday, November 24th 2013, Medawar Jewelers launched their brand-new concept store, "Veloce" in the Crossroads Mall in Portage, MI. We were on hand to attend, with our gracious host Pierre Medawar and the staff of Veloce.

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Even though technology these days has our heads down looking at our phones, the sky is the limit for these wonderful devices. Everything can be done through your phone these days, and there are hundreds of thousands of applications to help us out along the way. Businesses are seeing this trend of mobile users, want a piece of the action, and are conforming to people's lifestyle to gain more interaction with their business.

Mobile applications can be one of the best ways to keep your consumers interested with your brand as they are on the move. But first you have to decide whether or not you actually need an application. Here are some tips to help you make that decision.




1You sell products electronically.

E-commerce websites are ideal for a mobile app. Everyone is looking to do things all at once, and if you offer a “one click” option to do any sort of task through an app, people will be willing to download an app to use their thumbs for any tasks they need to. 


2You schedule appointments electronically

For companies like trucking company, movers, dentists, doctors, or any other service that allows you to schedule something via the interment, an application would be essential. Just like #1, people want to do multiple tasks at once or use one device to do it all. With a touch of a button, your 4:00 appointment can be moved to 5:00 or cancel the appointment all together.


3You have regular rewards or promotions.

Does you company have a loyalty program? Do you offer your customers rewards for doing certain functions with your business? Do you have a mobile app yet? If you answered, “yes, yes, no” to these three questions, then a mobile application is right for your business. Gamification is a great marketing tactic, and it keeps your consumers wanting more. A prime example of a gamification application is FourSquare, which gives points for every time you check in a place, and, in some cases, give instant coupons to use during your visit.

The more times you use the app, the better your status and rewards are. People love free incentives, and if you can offer that somehow in an application, you may have struck mobile gold for your business.



4 Your service is essential when people are mobile.

Isn't the idea behind a mobile phone that a phone can be useful when you are mobile? Tow trucks, ambulance service, or AAA can benefit from a mobile application because it works with technology that isn't stationary. If you have a mobile service, or something people use when they are mobile you definitely need a mobile application!


5You have multiple locations.

Multiple locations may mean multiple maps, different information, and directions to each location. Users can select the place they are the closest to, then determine if they can make it to one location or the other. Each location can have one application, and you can use it for servicing all your locations. How cool is it to show them the closest store? Or, how long it will take to drive there?



Do you think a mobile application is beneficial to your business? Why or why not? Can you think of other deciding factors for developing an app for your business?


Contact Us today at 1-855-932-9499 to discuss!


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Securing your website is another important consideration. One of the last things you want is sensitive information being taken from you or your users. Things like passwords to messaging, account information wherever there is money involved, and pictures and content intended for limited audiences are things you have to secure. There are a lot of people who may want to compromise your security for access to these things.



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Once you have decided to make your new website, you have to decide where to host this beast. It’s not just a consideration of “well I should go with the place I bought the domain” though there is nothing wrong with that. It all depends on what you want out of your service. That’s where server considerations come in.

You need to think about costs, and growth. These are the two biggest variables that you have to realize when you plan what type of service you should use. Costs can range greatly from one provider to the other. Some of them are enterprise class, like Liquid Web, Google or Amazon Web Services. Some, are just fly-by-night operators...or big companies that really don't care for anything more than your wallet.

Anyone can do it. Search for the term “website hosting services” and you’ll get over 112,000,000 results. That’s because there is little to no regulation for hosting or ISPs in the United States. One of the few remaining “wild west” parts of the WWW. Your local coffee shop can be a host. You could, if you had the hardware.

But would you want to trust your business to that?




Don't settle for software that "doesn't exactly work for you." Customize it! We develop custom software solutions for your business from your User Interfaces to your Points of Sale.

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We do software, web design and development. Responsive websites? Yeah we got that. Our clients love our services...and...if you need help with your current website check out our Support and Maintenance.

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